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"Loving Hands for your beloved Paws"
  As the slogan says “Loving hands for your Beloved paws”
  Let Paws Applause be there for your pet when you’re unable to, when you can’t bring them on vacation with you
or when you want an extra hand.
  Paws Applause is a trusted, trained, professional full time pet sitting service,  not just someone who wants to make
extra money.  Paws Applause is dedicated to you and your pets.
  Paws Applause is tailored to your pet's needs and is very affordable and dependable.  Along with pet sitting, Paws
Applause offers pet bathing (cats too), pet parties, pet taxi, dog walks, and much more.
  There is so much that Paws Applause offers and we would love for you to call today for your Free in home

Call today 352-342-6448
Winter Park, Florida area