"Loving Hands for your beloved Paws"
About Rachel Ecker, owner Paws Applause Pet Sitting Service
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   I am blessed to have this business that allows me to work with animals and pet owners. Animals are a big part of my life. From childhood I have always been helping pet owners and animals in one way or another.

   In 2005 while working as kennel manager at vet office, I’ve seen the ups and downs animals deal with while away from home, I fell in love with this dog that always got sick while being boarded. Felt so bad that wanted to help owner out any way I can.  After completing school and becoming a certified veterinary assistant I offered to watch dog at her house. That was the begging of a great friendship and career I only wished for. 

                           In 2006 Paws Applause was founded and full time!
   I have volunteered at local animal shelters, ran a turtle rescue, and volunteered with HOPE Wildlife, a wildlife rescue and rehab in Ocala. I am a member and animal advocate with HSUS and ASPCA. Member of Professional United Pet Sitter.

   In 2013 I started networking with other pet sitters so that I can always help owners one way or another. Enjoy networking with other great pet sitters who share the same interest as me. Pet sitting and animals!

   The last 8 years Paws Applause has become more than just pet sitting. For as my passion for animals and learning grows, so does Paws Applause.

   Certifications: Vet Assistant, Pet first aid and CPR class... Pet MD University